Across the globe, individuals face a growing war against the basic human right to privacy. Every communication, every data transfer and every cell tower access can be traced to reveal not only who is connecting, but where they are located. Until now, the only answer has been to stay off the grid.

With the introduction of The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service, the answer has changed. Our service allows you to connect, fade away and disappear anywhere in the world. Our data plan will offer multiple layers of protection and sophisticated app support to thwart any attempt to trace the user or where they are connecting from. Nothing else like it exists in the world.



We will support over 50 countries at launch, with more regions added in the future.



The following devices will be fully supported at launch. More supported devices will be added as eSIM technology becomes available in additional models.



We offer flexible access to our network on either a daily or monthly basis. All plans come with a standard bandwidth allotment. Additional bandwidth is available at additional cost as you need it.

In our world, where corporations, law enforcement, criminals and governments have built massive infrastructures to spy on network users as a matter of routine, providing a truly private and locationless connection to the Internet is difficult and costly and until now hasn't been offered by anyone. Our prices reflect both the value of the service as well as the cost of providing that service.

We have worked to keep our network accessible to as many people as possible by offering per diem access to our networks and flexible monthly plans. This unprecedented arrangement allows you to use our network only when you need absolute privacy, while still using your regular data plan for non-sensitive activities, providing an affordable option when it matters most.

Signup Deposit

All new users must pay a $49.95 eSIM deposit at signup. This deposit is refunded when you stop using the service provided you have paid in full for all of your network access and bandwidth use. Accounts that have gone over their bandwidth allotment and have not paid for that bandwidth will not receive their deposit back until their account balance is paid in full. Your existing eSIM can be If you decide to purchase an additional eSIM

When your access window expires, you may use your existing eSIM to purchase additional service, and no additional deposit will be required. If you decide to purchase a new eSIM, you do have to pay the deposit fee on the new eSIM.

24 Hour


For one time use or use on very rare occasions, access to the network is offered on a 24 hour basis.

24 hours of network access

100 MB bandwidth included

Additional bandwidth 5 cents/MB

Full service benefits



Basic users with a limited number of privacy-centric activities and that don't use a lot of bandwidth should select our Basic Plan.

30 days of 24 hour network access

500 MB bandwidth included

Additional bandwidth 5 cents/MB



Average users with moderate bandwidth requirments should select the Standard Plan..

30 days of 24 hour network access

1 GB bandwidth included

Additional bandwidth 5 cents/MB



Power users with more demanding privacy requirments should select our Power Plan.

30 days of 24 hour network access

2 GB bandwidth included

Additional bandwidth 5 cents/MB

Additional bandwidth for all plans is 5 cents/MB.


and answers

1Can I use any phone with this service?
Only phones that include hardware eSIM support can use the service. The tested and approved models listed above are fully supported at launch. Other phones may work if they support eSIM technology.
2What will be included in the monthly package?
The base package will offer access to our networks and between 500 MB and 2 GB of data transfer, depending on plan. Additional data can be purchased at the rate of 5 cents/MB. Voice services are not included, but the data plan fully supports VOIP apps like Skype.
3Is it really true that I cannot be traced?
Yes! All traffic sent over our networks is untraceable. If you choose to use another SIM in your phone as well, for example to use voice services, data sent using that network plan is still vulnerable. Our system only protects data sent over our network.
4Can I make it seem like I am connecting from someplace else?
Yes! Our service allows users to manually select an endpoint IP address from a pool of over 2000 addresses. You can switch as often as you like. By selecting an IP, a user can make it appear as if they ar connecting to the network in a different country.
5Is this legal?
Our service is 100% legal in the countries access is offered in.


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